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Best Instagram Approaches to Promote Your Business

Instagram has become a great tool for businesses of all sizes to promote their brand – it’s unique features allow businesses to build a connection with their customers and potential customers by engaging them in myriad ways. Here is a list of some of our favorite ways we’ve seen businesses of all sizes and from all sectors effectively promote their unique brands to thousands of Instagram users.

Promote Your Business by Organizing Contests

One of the easiest and relatively inexpensive ways to generate interest in your brand and generate a larger base of followers is to organize contests from time to time. This is a great way to draw attention from your existing followers but also encourage more users to follow your Instagram profile by giving away a prize (or multiple prizes) to anyone who participates. The contests could be as simple as a random drawing or be more interactive by requesting users to submit a picture. The main goal is to increase the number of followers.

Cross-Promote Your Business Across Other Social Networking Accounts

Instagram has many features that link perfectly with other social networking such as Facebook (which now owns Instagram) and Twitter. For instance, Instagram photos can easily be posted on Facebook and the use of hashtags to categorize your pictures fits nicely with both Twitter and Facebook functions. But an easier way is to automatically link your Instagram account to these social networking tools. You’ll save a lot of time and will be able to reach several more potential clients across all platforms with a single post.

Use Hashtags to Attract Users to Your Business Profile

As mentioned above, Instagram allows you to use hashtags to categorize and connect your uploaded pictures to related posts utilizing the same hashtags on both Facebook and Twitter. As users search for these hashtags your image will appear in their search. Business owners should invest time to identify the best hashtags to use for their business and work to incorporate one or two into every uploaded picture.

Personalize Your Business Profile

By establishing a connection with your fans you can easily gain their trust and confidence. Aim to build a positive connection with your followers by adding personal touches to your profile. Include images of the workplace, some employees and even company events. It lets followers know that you are letting them into your inner circle. The more familiar they become, the more likely they are to buy your product.